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InspectGauge Software is a finely tuned and proven engine that will increase the effectiveness and profitability of your inspection process! InspectGauge can be modified and enhanced to exactly match your inspection requirements, with a minimum of effort.  InspectGauge Software runs on Windows Vista, Windows XP and the new Windows 7; and has an available Pocket PC/Windows Mobile client that makes collecting data in the field a snap. The software is a template based system, giving you maximum flexibility when unique inspection requirements are encountered. On-The-Fly template restructuring is a powerful tool, only available from SHGI Corporation.

InspectGauge is the natural evolution of the market-leading HomeGauge home inspection software product from SHGI Corp., and is used by thousands of home inspectors every day.  It is fully integrated with the Internet; using Web based Services, to instantly communicate inspection results to clients anywhere in the world. InspectGauge Services uses the same proven methodology and features to allow you to differentiate your business from the competition.

InspectGauge will provide a unique solution to the inspection challenges your company faces on a daily basis. There are many different prepared software solutions on the market to address standard inspection applications in virtually every industry.  These other software packages are at least useable in most applications, but are not capable of adjusting to the unique requirements inherent in every company’s environment. 

The core software engine we have developed over the last decade was constructed with a view toward the future of inspections in a multitude of environments, and to address Process Management and Control through periodic reporting in the field.  InspectGauge combines a reporting structure that is visually appealing and also designed to communicate large amounts of information to the reader in the most effective manner.

InspectGauge Services

We offer optional communication and storage services to network multiple field personnel’s reports.

Example Inspection Applications for InspectGauge Software

Electrical system inspectors
Boiler and pressure vessel inspectors
Pest inspectors
Energy auditing and inspecting
Marine or boat inspectors
Construction project daily reporting and tracking
Professional scuba inspectors
Aviation inspectors
Fire inspectors
OSHA Inspectors
International pipe inspectors (esp. oilfield)
Agricultural inspectors
Marine cargo inspectors
Canadian institute of public health inspectors
HUD inspectors
Housing authorities and municipality inspectors
inspectGauge Toolkit Module
Chimney inspectors
Railroad inspectors
Apiary inspectors
International Association of Electrical Inspectors (IAEI)
The National Board of Boiler and Pressure Vessel Inspectors